Our story

As women, we have always dreamed to get that "Hourglass shape". We know all these celebrities and their perfect waists. And if you’re like me you even tried several corsets to get the same body without surgery.

Unfortunately, they are often uncomfortable, not breathable and very hard to adjust. Really unusable in the long term. 

After years of struggle, we decided to create a company which sole purpose would be to bring to life a unique product, that can be used by every woman, during weeks and months to finally get that hourglass waist (in a healthy way of course).

During several months, we searched and worked on a new product, a new material, a new way to sculpt our waist, comfortable without health problems or unhealthy surgery, a product that can be used for a long period and give great results.


Today, our goal is to create the BEST shapewear and waist training brand of the world and one of the best brands ever founded (yes I know, it's a big objective). We want to have happiest customers in this industry, with a customer experience never been done before in ecommerce.

We have to work, a lot:

- It's about giving the best product of the entire industry, with an amazing and unbeatable price.

- It's about having the best customer support ever, with a well trained team who will give you quick, precise answers and great advices, all of these by E-Mail and Phone!

- It's finally about providing the best customer experience ever, with an incredible quick delivery, a marvellous packaging, a free individual monitoring depending on your goal, advices to use the product at its greatest potential, to finally, get amazing results.

 It's going to be a big BOOM, but it's only the beginning of our adventure, our movement, make sure to be part of it,


The Belvetti Team